Instruction session reflections

My experiences with group project over these 5 semesters in my MLIS program have been, for the most part, excellent. This instruction session project was no different. My group met, decided on a topic, divvied up the work, and put it all together with little difficulty and good attitudes.

We decided fairly quickly and decisively that we would create a basic information literacy course for seniors. We used searching for health information as the basis for the class, in particular, using the NIIH senior health website. We decided early on that this course would be an in person class with access to computers. I’m not sure how public library systems are across the country, but I know here in Fairfax County where I live, according to a volunteer instructor (so, grain of salt), the public library system does not have computers for classes. We made a pretty big assumption that we would have access to computers.

We also decided to make it a PowerPoint based presentation, and keep it simple and devoid of bells and whistles. We wanted to focus on the content and not have distracting elements for our hypothetical relatively n00b group. We made sure to do everything in detailed steps to make it easier to follow along. It seems that our classmates understood what we were trying to do, because several of them commented on the discussion board that they like how we created a course that was appropriate for our audience.

Overall, I like our instruction session. I would feel comfortable presenting this course to seniors in my public library and I believe we met our objective of teaching basic information literacy skills through searching for health information online. 
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