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For those of you new to this blog, I am an MLIS student at Wayne State University in my 5th and final semester. What started out as a blog to chronicle my experiences morphed into my views on what’s going on in the library world to pretty much nothing as work, family, school, and volunteering has made it very difficult to find time for anything extra. I’m glad for this opportunity to reboot the blog as part of an ongoing assignment for one of my very last courses in the program – Instructional Methods for Librarians.

I actually have quite a bit of experience providing instruction to young people as a Girl Scout leader. 2-4 times a month I have to lead a group of rambunctious, clever girls in learning something new. The purpose of Girl Scouts is to help girls grow into community leaders through programming that, in recent years, has been STEM focused, which is a lot of fun for me. As I plan to work with young people in a public library, this experience will be very useful for my future job.
In my current job, I have developed and delivered short trainings on internal procedures. I feel relatively comfortable with remote sessions (over the phone, using software like Microsoft LiveMeeting) but still get really nervous when I need to present to the group in person. 
My learning opportunities are many, but probably the most important is organization. I can talk about pretty much anything but that doesn’t mean that my mind is organized or that what I’m saying is remotely interesting to anyone else. I need to learn how to organization an instructional session so that I cover the information I need to within a reasonable amount of time and so that the poor souls who got stuck listening to me aren’t bored or confused.
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