Happy Banned Books Week!

We’re celebrating at the Boyer Uriarte household by reading books we were already reading. It seems that I have a penchant for recommending to my children all the books that other children’s parents find offensive. My youngest is finishing up Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the 4th in the Harry Potter series (#1 on the Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009 list!) The oldest is working her way through Catching Fire, the second book in Suzanne Collins’ immensely popular Hunger Games trilogy and #3 on the 2011 list. My middle daughter is currently reading Enter Three Witches which, judging by the title, is, at this very moment, being challenged somewhere by someone who thinks witchcraft is the work of the devil.  We were trying to convince her to read something on the list (Blubber, Are you There God It’s Me, Margaret or A Wrinkle in Time) but she wasn’t interested. And that was after a rather impassioned reading of the first chapter of Blubber (if I do say so myself.)

I leapt into the banned books fire. I’ve just finished Neil Gaiman’s amazing

The Sandman series. John Irving’s In One Person which I’m sure will be on the 2012 list, what with the depiction of transgender people. My copy of The Color of the Earth, #2 on the 2011 list, should get here soon. I will not, however, be reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I have to draw the line somewhere. (And no, I’m not a prude objecting to the sexy bdsm funtime. I like erotica. A lot. I tried to read this book; I didn’t like the writing. Although, I might give it another shot if someone were to give/loan me a copy of it.)

I’ll leave you with this lovely story about how a man was forced to participate in the book burning when he was 10. (Spoiler alert: it’s not really a lovely story.)

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