News from Tuesday, September 11

School libraries hit hard by budget cuts – Sigh. We really do a disservice to our youth by denying them access to libraries. Where are they going to learn how to find the information they need? Are they even going to be prepared for college?

Squatters reopen Friern Barnet library after council closes service

– this is one way of dealing with library closings. I’m not sure that I like it though. I get that communities want their libraries and are willing to have them run by volunteers, but what does that say about the importance of librarianship? Unless these “trained” volunteers are actual librarians, I don’t see how this is much more than a book repository. We, as a society, seem determined to undervalue the role librarians play in learning and knowledge management. But, if I had to choose between no library or a library run by volunteers, I’d choose the volunteers.

Library to cut costs with ads on toilet paper – I’m not even really sure what to say about this.

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