I’m back!

Well, after a desperately needed break, I’m back. The end of my last semester was tough. Mid-July I was injured and had to take a week or so off from life, but I managed to finish strong. A’s! I’m seriously proud of that. Working full time, going to school part time and being a mom are all difficult and time-consuming. Since my kids are still alive and seem to be happy/well-adjusted, I think I’m doing a good job. And school? I haven’t taken a class since that grad school attempt back in the 90s. But now it’s a new semester with added fun (my kids are back in school and participating in more activities than ever before.)

Wish me luck.

I didn’t take a complete break from reading the news – I just didn’t post any of it. Here are some things I found interesting last month:
10 Great Questions to Ask at Interview – A great, short article to help you get that job. While not directly related to librarianship, everyone needs all they help they can get in an interview.

If there’s a theme for today, it’s that DRM is evil. I hate, hate, hate DRM. Especially for books. And music. I lost so much legally purchased music when an unnamed service died and took their DRM server offline. I’m still mad about that. What I found especially interesting about this article. Digital Rights Management, a Bad Idea, was the footnote – apparently this site also publishes eBooks which are DRM-free. Some of their retailers’ distributors added DRM without their consent or knowledge.
I’m also worried about this Amazon MP3 download policy change. Please Amazon, do not add DRM to MP3s. I already pissed off enough about the Kindle DRM. And don’t make this about user data either. It will only backfire on you in the end.
And finally, one more example of how DRM sucks. Apple Blames Digital Rights Management For ‘Dirty Apps’.
U. Nevada Library Offers 3D Printing Across the Board – 3D printers are just so cool. I find it exciting that everyone can have access to this printer at U. Nevada’s library. The article also brings up copyright infringement issues. And there’s an octocat.
New library plans for an ever-changing digital world – This article hits all the right points from the library as a community center, the challenges of e-content in building a collection (and publishers not authorizing eBooks for library use.)
I’m breaking up with eBooks (and you can too) – I get what LiB is talking about. And it all ties in to the DRM discussions and crappy deals with those publishers who even sell to libraries and privacy and more. It’s really frustrating to me that publishers won’t deal fairly with libraries. Do they really think that libraries will cut into their profits?
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