News from Wednesday, July 11

100 Helpful Blogs For School Librarians (And Teachers) – Lots of great ideas for blogs to follow plus links to more on Twitter and Pinterest.
Pima County Libraries add seeds to citywide collections – this is a fascinating idea. What are libraries but places where information is cataloged and available? Why should seeds be different than books? Part of this project is to build a collection of seeds that are adapted to the local climate/soil conditions. Patrons check out seeds, grow them, then return some of the seeds they’ve harvested for other patrons to check out, etc. Very, very cool.

Teens write new chapter for S.F. library center – First, good on them for choosing teens to lead this project. I’ve been to libraries where the librarian has proudly shown me the “teen section” – usually an awkward and not very comfortable corner with a mural or neon lights. Lame. This promises to be something that the kids will use and love. I have one nit to pick with this article, though: why, oh why does is have to start with that obnoxious shushing librarian stereotype. I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard a librarian shush anyone, even back in the dark ages when I was a kid at the library.

The Declaration of Internet Freedom – Internet freedom is something that fits perfectly with librarianship. We need to fight censorship, allow universal access, and protect privacy (among others.)

Guns @ Your LibraryBecause you need to carry a gun into the library so you can defend your right to the last copy of 50 Shades of Grey on the shelf. Oh, Michigan, can’t we just keep the library as a safe and unarmed place?

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