News from Monday, July 9

Southamption University library: the resource revolution will be digitised – such a bold and necessary undertaking.
From Lisle to Libertyville, libraries are striving to make the best possible use of technology – I like this idea of a “genre e-reader”, i.e. a mystery or romance or science fiction e-reader. I also like the restaurant buzzer/vibrating things. I hate waiting and would much prefer to roam. This is a great article about how a Chicago-area library system is adapting to new technologies and the needs of their community. If only every library had the budget they do.

Public library to raid reserves, cut programs if city slashes budget supplement
So you wanna be a librarian? – a day in the life of an academic librarian.
The worst master’s degree? – Oh, Maureen Sullivan, thanks for your response to that annoying Forbes article everyone’s been talking about for the past couple of weeks. I particularly appreciate this gem: “It is true that many librarians are not paid for the full value of their work.”
Library in abandoned house – mostly I want to gather this library up in my arms and console it because it looks so sad.

– I keep linking to articles about the demise of Louisiana libraries (and education in general.) It’s depressing, but I think it’s also important for us to see what will happen if continue to defund libraries.  I have this feeling that Louisiana will sink to Somalian levels of libertarianism before long.

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