News from Tuesday, July 3

July 4 screwed up my week. In a good way. I gave myself permission to do nothing (aside from work, that is) and it was great. So, today, Friday, July 6, is catch up day. Which is why there are (will be) 4 news posts today. It’s not like I wasn’t reading the news, I just didn’t compile it.

Harrison Twp. volunteer library to go public, get state funds – At a time when all we’re hearing about are libraries closing, it’s really nice to hear about a new one going public and actually getting state funds.

After Irene: Helping the Library, Helping the Town after a Disaster – How libraries can help during a disaster.
An abandoned Wal-Mart transformed into sleek modern library – There’s one less Wal-Mart in the world. That in itself is cause for celebration. I like the way this library looks, but wonder if it’s as convenient as its predecessor. It’s certainly not as pedestrian friendly. But, again, Wal-Mart turned into a library. I’d say that’s a beautiful example of adaptive reuse.
Q&A: Prison Librarian Philip Ephraim on the Positive Effects of Comics – Interesting in this article: comic-related materials account for about 4% of their entire collection. About half of the comic-related checkouts were manga-related, including how to draw it. Ephraim draws some pretty strong conclusion about the effects of comics, going as far to say that contact with them decreases rates of suicide and violence. I think I might have to go find out more about this…
Library’s ‘MakerSpace’ encourages new ideas I love the idea of makerspaces in libraries, and have linked to other articles in the past. Is this a feasible direction for most libraries? I know my local library barely has the space for their collections and is having to give up even more for a very active Friend’s group. But bringing more bodies into the library to learn and interact with each other, with the materials, with the information – to me that’s the whole point of having a local public library. Here’s the Unquiet Librarian’s take on makerspaces.

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