News from Friday, July 6

I have seen, over the last week, an increase in articles and posts talking about restoring library hours and librarian positions that had been cut over the past 2 years. I talked with a local librarian recently, and it seems that my local county system will also be restoring hours and librarians come this fall. Is this a trend? Are libraries growing again? I really hope so, because I’m going to be looking for a job soon. Of course, the first article I link to doesn’t follow that trend, but, c’mon, it’s Louisiana (seriously, though, say a prayer for all the Louisianans that will soon lose access to a decently funded library.)

Budget slashes library funding– I am a little annoyed with this article. Why doesn’t the reporter talk more about the importance of libraries? Just mention in a quote that more people are using the computers. Grr.

Canada Water Library is a Green-Roofed Library of the Future in London – can I work here please? It just looks so nice. And it’s in London. (That’s where Dr. Who is.)

In Supreme Court Filing, Libraries Say Decision in Wiley Suit Threatens Lending Rights – First sale doctrine, which states that a purchaser of a legal copy of a book/copyrighted work, can sell or lend that copy. Ok? But a 2011 Second Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Kirtsaeng v. Wiley & Sons states that this only applies to works manufactured in the US. Meaning, a book produced in China by a US publisher/copyright holder purchased by a library in the US would not have the right to lend that book under First Sale Doctrine. Yikes. The Library Copyright Alliance filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court this week. Cross your fingers.
Could Oracle ruling lead to used e-book, music sales? – Another look at the EU version of right of first sale, but this time discussing software. Will this lead to used e-book, digital music and movie sales?

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