Weekend of June 30- July 1 News

I finally got back online on Sunday to read the news. I think I actually started to go through withdrawal.  

Infographic: Ontario Council of University Libraries: “Ask a Librarian” Usage Statistics, 2011-2012 – the most interesting takeaway from this infographic for me is that the vast majority, 91% in this case, say “virtual reference is my preferred way or a good way to get research help.”
American Library Association versus comic conventions – I’ve always wanted to go to a comic convention even though I know nothing about comics.  They just look like so much fun! Maybe cruising down the Artists Alley at an ALA conference would suffice.
Library offers survey for teens – Going to the source, what a great idea. The survey looks like it could really help serve area teens, assuming the library has the funds to implement the results.
Ebook Library: Reader Coalition Dissolves – Do libraries even include self-published e-books in their catalogs? If not, they should definitely start.
Digital Literacy Programs for the Facebook Generation – one program trying to close the digital gap. I like the fact that the students receiving netbooks and discounted broadband were required to take a 1 credit, semester long class geared toward preparing them for college and getting a job. But where are the librarians in this story? I realize that this was a high school program, but I think it would be logical to include the library and librarian in this discussion.
Allies With an Eye on Each Other – This project sounds fascinating. I’ve often had this discussion with my foreign husband, basically, how we, as Americans, see ourselves and how our collective world view (as evidenced by our media) leave us secure of our greatness. I wonder what the French will make of us.
Ebooks, Maps, and Meebo, Oh My! | ALA Annual 2012 – I really wish I could have been there! Next year…

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