News from Friday, June 29

Wow, what a weekend. Unbearably hot and a huge storm came through Friday leaving most of my area with downed trees and without power. We’re all back up and running just in time for work on Monday though. It’s a few days late, but there some very interesting news came out on Friday.

Library Acquires Carl Saga Papers:  This has been blowing up my reader feed for the past 2 days. I guess they’re pretty excited about it.
Seattle public libraries to close the week of Aug. 27, reopen Sept 4.:  This is definitely the opposite of a happy thing. Oh, why don’t libraries get more $$? Sure, they save $600+ thousand, but at the employees’ cost – they don’t get paid that week. This kind of stuff makes me rage.
Poland Library prom brings out the dancing dead – this sounds like the most amazing young adult library program! (fyi, this is not Poland the country, but Poland, OH.)
Louisiana state library funding has been eliminated:   I don’t know what they’re thinking down there in Louisiana. First it was the privatizing public schools (seriously? To schools with Bible-based math books? No teaching of evolution? Adsfkjl;) and now this. I think they may be trying to raise up the most ignorant people in the country.
Ed Vaizey says libraries ‘thriving’ and rejects prediction of 600 closures:  Well, I hope Vaizey’s right, because it sounds like the people on the ground have a very different outlook on the reality of closures  – and have fought hard to keep their local libraries open.
Your E-Book Is Reading You: A fascinating article about e-book data privacy, analytics and how writers and publishers can use what they learn.

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