Rubber bands + Loom + YouTube – a match made in kid heaven

Blockbuster to Rainbow Loom: Weaving, rubber bands, and digital literacy “My kids were learning to use digital tools in ways that apply to the material world.” We are living this … Continue Reading →

ALA Midwinter reflections

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now, but keep putting it off, maybe because I had such a great time at Midwinter that it’s tough to boil … Continue Reading →

Final reflections

I (figuratively) walked into this class at the beginning of the semester with no formal teaching experience. Sure, I’ve taught my Girl Scouts over the years, and I’ve given presentations … Continue Reading →

Instruction session reflections

My experiences with group project over these 5 semesters in my MLIS program have been, for the most part, excellent. This instruction session project was no different. My group met, … Continue Reading →

Teaching philosophy

As a librarian, my goal as a teacher is to prepare students to effectively and efficiently use the library’s resources. This translates into more than just being able to log … Continue Reading →

Universal design of online learning

For this post, I will be looking at an online tutorial I evaluated for an assignment earlier this semester, Welcome to the search for the skunk ape: An information literacy … Continue Reading →

In the news

MOOCs. We’ve all heard of them, seemingly relentlessly over the past year or so. Some of us have even signed up for a course, although fewer of us got through … Continue Reading →


Teaching Perspectives Inventory

For this post, I took a test called the Teaching Perspectives Inventory. I found this quite difficult for two reasons: 1.       I took this from the perspective of teaching information … Continue Reading →

Personal preferences in the assessment of learning

When I was younger, I preferred the fixed-choice test. I think this may have been because I was a lazy student when it came to learning the things I needed … Continue Reading →

Mid-semester analysis and reflections

One of the trends I’ve seen over the course of the semester is how topics we discuss in class serendipitously appear in my life. It seems that once I start thinking about something, … Continue Reading →